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A common problem with dog owners is not being able to take their dog out for a walk because they’re busy at work/school/travelling. In the meantime, the dog may relieve itself indoors, chew up the sofa, or even leave a “gift” on their owner’s pillow. Not only is this a frustrating experience in itself for both dog and owner, it can also leave the dog with behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, excessive fearfulness or aggression.

DogMen was founded with the goal of providing a solution for dog owners who are not available to give their pets the walks they would like to give them. We offer dog walking and dog running services that will help your dog with its physical and mental health and will prevent behavioral issues that may arise due to a lack of an outlet for pent up energy.

DogMen was founded by Adi Barnea, a canine professional and dog trainer, and an alumnus of the IDF’s “Oketz” canine unit. Barnea, educated as a lawyer and an entrepreneur at heart, identified the trend of the Israeli work day becoming longer and the growing need for dog walking and running services as a result of this trend. DogMen, the first professional behavioral dog walking, dog running and dog training company in Israel, was founded for this very purpose. Strictly experienced and trained canine professionals are recruited in order to sustain the highest possible level of service. Candidates must pass a selection process as well as comprehensive training before joining the team. This is done in order to provide our clients and their dogs with the most reliable, professional and safest service.

An interview for “The Marker” magazine with Adi Barnea, founder of DogMen

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