Looking Dogwalker in Tel Aviv? Check what’s the Difference Between A Dog Walker and a Canine Professional?

    Dogwalker In Tel Aviv

    DogMen is the first company in Israel to provide dog owners with professional dog walking services.

    We get asked all the time what separates DogMen’s canine professionals from other dog walkers. The main difference between the two is that anyone can make a living as a dog walker, but not everybody can be a DogMen canine professional.

    Have you ever seen dog walkers walking or riding their bike with a whole pack of dogs straggling after them? That way of dog walking is neglectful, dangerous and even illegal in a number of countries. Even if the dog walker is an ultra-capable professional, there’s no way to control such a large number of dogs once trouble comes up. For this reason, a guiding principle at DogMen is keeping the maximum number of dogs walked at one time to three, and keeping a high level of control. This ensures the safety and well being of the dogs and of others around them during the walk.

    DogMen was founded out of a deep understanding of the need of dog owners for reliable, professional and safe dog walking services. In order to provide our clients with the best dog walking service in Israel, potential team members must pass a thorough screening process. This process includes several interviews and a background check. Furthermore, potential team members must present experience as a canine professional as a prerequisite for an interview (such as in dog training, animal-assisted therapy, the IDF’s canine unit - “Oketz”, etc.). DogMen have had thousands of walks with dogs and have covered ten of thousands of kilometers with dog walking and dog running in 2012, yet we never cease to be guided by our core principle - keeping our clients’ dogs’ happiness and safety as our top priority.

    Our clients will attest to the high level of our customer service. We communicate with our clients on a daily basis - it could be a phone call during a walk, sending a photo or video of their dog during the walk or a text message saying that their dog says hi.

    We at DogMen strive to set ourselves apart from freelance dog walkers by offering professional dog walking services by canine professionals in a consistent and uncompromising manner. We have a clear goal of providing individual attention to the dogs of Tel Aviv and its surroundings. In addition, our clients receive all the benefits of dealing with a professional business for their dog walking needs. In case of a sickness or vacation, we always have backup canine professionals so that our clients never have to worry about finding other solutions. Another important point is that all of our team members are of course legal employees of the company.

    These many differences between a “regular” dogwalker in Tel Aviv and a DogMen canine professional can make a world of difference in the quality of service that you would look for when trusting your pet in someone else’s hands.

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